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What's this?

Zeitgeist: Spirit of Our Times. Shibe: Meme of our times. This is a Shiba Inu meme generator fuelled by Twitter, our modern zeitgeist. Type in a word, and a script searches twitter for the keyword, and then superimposes certain words from the tweets over the shibu inu in the style of the meme. This is poorly bugtested and running on free stuff, so if anything breaks, blame the economy for not making me so fabulously rich I can afford a dedicated server.

If you want to share an image, share it on by copying the URL/image. I'd prefer you didn't hotlink, but the URLs are persistant now.

This is a more stable and less buggy version of Shibegeist, but if you like the older version, which churned out responses using a simpler algorithm, here it is: Old Version